Promote this!

Some main points from the Wikipedia entry on Promoters:

"An entertainment promoter i.e. music, wrestling, boxing etc. is a person or company in the business of marketing and promoting live events such as concerts/gigs, boxing matches, professional wrestling (wrestling events), festivals, raves, and nightclubs.

At a minimum the event promoter manages publicity and advertising. Depending on the arrangement they may also handle security, ticket sales, Admission to an event or establishment (door policies), decorations, and booking of entertainers."

Ready for full on rant mode? I am sick and fucking tired of people who call themselves promoters leaching off bands. Not paying. Expecting the bands to do all the legwork. Expecting bands to sell tickets. Even making the first band find the other bands to book on the bill. ENOUGH! Don't invite me to play a showcase or awards show like you singled me out and really want me, only to then demand that I be able to sell 50 tickets on my own. That's not how a show like that works.  And where is that money going anyway? Not to the bands. If you call yourself a promoter, do your fucking job and promote. Do I have a big draw? No. Why? Because I have to bring all the people to my show. I don't get the opportunity to play for people who don't know me. I don't need friends, I need fans. I want to play your show Mr. Promoter, but if all the bands have to beg their friends to come all the time, there will be 5 people there. Like there is every time. If you want to make more money Mr. Promoter, put the effort into making your shows a known event, so you will have regulars who always come no matter what bands are playing, bring their friends, and spread the word. If you always pawn off the job to the bands, you have to start over from zero EVERY SINGLE SHOW.

PS - While I'm still ranting: venues, you are on my shit list, too. If you book directly, play the entertainer more than happy meal money. And don't treat bands like they are a nuisance. If you don't want live music, don't book it. And while you're at it, spend the money for a decent sound system and person to run it.

PPS - Bands: you play a role here to. Understand what it means to act professional at the gig, and understand your situation. If you agree to the show, show up. Don't be a dick. That makes it worse for the rest of us. Playing a 100 seat bar with 5 other bands? Probably not the night to bring your own full lighting fog machine rig that takes 30 minutes to set up and another 30 to tear down. Again, don't be a dick. And don't try to throw that back at me, this is my blog and I can be a dick here if I want.

One more thing, dear promoter. Did you actually listen to my music? Or am I just another body to plug the hole?