Fence the wire... or wire the fencer

Something I'd like to do a lot more of. Wire sculpture is a lot of fun. It's like scribbling in 3D.


Once more unto the breach, dear friends

I've been back behind the recording console these past few weeks, and had my eyeballs buried in Sibelius notation files. This is the part of the music I like best. For some, being on stage is the ultimate musical joy. For me, it's setting notes to the page and tinkering with wave forms and effects plug-ins. If I weren't a musician I think I'd be a watchmaker or a mad scientist in a secret lab. I enjoy the meticulous, focused, hands-on tasks.

The notation files have been moving for new Strange Land material. Brad and I have quite a few songs with their full skeletons (and then some) in place. We've also been talking about taking a different approach to the release of these songs other than the traditional full cd route.

I've been tracking music with my new metal band Delusionist. Bass players are near impossible to find (well, good ones who want to be a creative force in the band and not just show up for the money), so we are recording a fresh demo and I'm doing the bass parts as well as my guitar parts. Delusionist has been flying under the radar and I don't want to give away too much until the demo is done and we're really rolling. I've never liked to say too much about my projects until I really have something to show for it. I've always felt this way, and I'm not the only one. Talking about your plans actually makes you less likely to accomplish them.

I've also made some progress with a painting project, but alas, the rest is top secret for now.