An Open Letter From An American Person

I have one request of all politicians, pundits, journalists, leaders of movements, fear mongers, and cults of personality. Stop using the phrase “the American People.” As in, “the American people want this'” or “so-and-so isn't listening to the American people”. We are not a monolithic bloc of hive-minded drones. We are not a cudgel to be used to push forward your own agenda or the agenda of those that give you the most money. We The People are a nation of individuals. Our views on politics, religion, and all matters that affect our daily lives are as varied as the pets we keep, the hobbies we enjoy, and the flavors of ice cream we like best. 

To politicians in particular: you work for us. You each do represent some of the American people. Your first job is to be the intermediary between the federal government and the state you represent. If we weren't individuals we could do away with congress and just have a president. Congress is not a stage for you to act upon. It isn't a place to go just so you can head up a high-powered committee. Each of you has a duty to represent some of the people. Also, don't forget that you represent the people who voted for you and the people who did not. Many people don't vote, and not everyone who votes voted for you. The work you do can't be a contest between seeing which of the two parties can gain power and how well the other party can say no. 

E pluribus unum, 
Sean Gill
One of the many


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