Scribbles and numbers

Sometimes I write music as little black dots on paper. Sometimes the little black dots are scribbly lines and a bunch of numbers. Sometimes when I'm writing I just need a quick reference so I don't forget what I've written. Sometimes I just need my main ideas written down. There is a lot of improvisation in many of my acoustic tunes. Some are like blocks that can be re-arranged at will.

Here is one of my quick scribbles for a song called Moon and Snow. I haven't recorded this one yet, it will go on my next acoustic cd. This one is in TAB with general rhythm notated above. I prefer standard notation except in songs like this with drastically altered tuning. Too confusing in standard notation. I bend all kinds of notation rules depending on the techniques I use in the song. Sometimes I use standard notation. Sometimes I use a grand staff (like piano music) for right and left hand parts. Notation is a language and I think there's nothing wrong with creating new ways to communicate. As long as I know what I mean, that's all that matters.