WTF? for 11/12/09

A Cnet story reports that NASA has a new website to debunk all the 2012 crap out there. Kudos to NASA. That's not what gets my WTF. I say that to one of the comments below the story. It is a sad commentary on the state of science education. Really, wtf?

by startouch November 12, 2009 10:53 AM PST

I have a problem with this and i will say why ,
1) why do we find bones of ocean creatures in places like Colorado or embedded in the sides of mountains if continental drift is soooo slow & how did oceans exist on these continents / i think a deluge would explain this better (magnetic pole shift ) is logical ,if the Earth were to flip this would explain why ocean creatures were found where they have been ,since the earths oceans would wash over the earth taking these creatures with it and depositing there remains where we have found them..
2) how we find other planets is that we look at one and calculate its "wobble" to find others around it .the "wobble " is created by the magnetic pull on one planet by another ,and this can and has disturbed other planetary body's in the past and collision's have occurred or magnetic shifts on the planet affected.