What I've done with my time - A history of me part three

Ok, the third installment. I think this will be the last, bringing everything up to my current activities. It seems this post-college phase of my life comes in larger pieces so I'm going to break it down more by project.

Strange Land:

  • Joined in Nov. 1998
  • Released Foundation demo in 1999
  • Released Anomaly in late 2001
  • The song I Don't Know You Anymore appears on ProgPower 4 sampler cd
  • Demoed new songs and gave away samplers at ProgPower
  • Blaming Season in late 2004
  • Catharsis in mid 2009
  • Have opened for National acts King's X, Joe Stump, Event, Three, ex-Marillion singer Fish, and soon, Gary Hoey
  • Have been reviewed and interviewed in print, online, and on the radio
  • Played many, many shows
Solo work:
  • Started working on solo acoustic music in 1998
  • Started playing out with friend Catherine Scholz. I owe her a lot for getting me out and helping me find my voice. 
  • Released Book Of Ashes in 1999
  • Released Driving Empty Miles in 2001
  • Released October Dust in 2004. All cds were acoustic instrumental to this point.
  • Released first instrumental electric solo album This Is What It Sounds Like Inside My Head in 2008
  • Many shows, including several trips along the Mississippi river/Minneapolis circuit.
(Hmmm... There seems to be a hole between 2004 and 2008/09.)

Miscellaneous projects:
  • Played substitute gigs with the Mr. Lucky Swing Syndicate and Les Artiste Big Band for a few years after college.
  • I've played for at least 5 weddings. One in high school and the rest after. 
  • Taught private lessons for 10 years. That isn't really a project but I am proud of many students who've formed bands playing original music. I've also had a handful go on to study music in college. 
  • Soaker - a Galactic Cowboys-ish rock band. Wrote some tunes, recorded a few tracks around 2003-04
  • Played in the ABS Blues band 2006-08. Fun, but died partly due to lack of drummer. Darn drummers.
  • The Julie B Well - Art/prog/pop band. I joined in October 2008. Currently recording a cd.
  • I work a day job at a music publisher. I have been fortunate that they have published 3 of my songs so far. I have also been doing a lot of artwork for them.
  • I've done the artwork for all the cd's I've done with Strange Land and solo. Some are original creations and some are arrangements and layouts of photos taken by others. 
And still I've managed to do some traveling which is what I really love. Maybe I'll do another post chronicling my travels.